That’s the end of Eddy Bellegueule, Édouard Louis

One of France’s most important young writers, Édouard Louis succeeded in rejuvenating the literary genre of biography with his very first book, En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule (That’s the end of Eddy Bellegueule, published in English as The end of Eddy).

The 26-year-old writer, a militant advocate of the working class, challenges the establishment with his scathing political writing. He condemns violence against those who are “different”, speaking on behalf of anyone who has been exploited and abandoned by the system. His target is the political establishment that is the source of bullying and exclusionary tactics.

Translated into more than twenty languages, En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule is a global bestseller with a strong autobiographical narrative that sparked a storm of reaction, public debate and controversy.

The writer grapples with an environment that he himself has experienced, characterised by social inequality, homophobia, xenophobia, violence and racism.

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  • Translation
    Michalis Arvanitis

Direction, Adaptation
Elias Adam

Set Design
Elektra Stampoulou

Lighting design
Panayotis Lambis

Mary Thivaiou

Directing Assistant
Vina Sergi

Adaptation Assistant
Christina Mavromati


  • Jeo Pakitsas
  • Sofia Priovolou

Να τελειώνουμε με τον Εντύ Μπελγκέλ, Bellegueule

That’s the end of Eddy Bellegueule

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